About Us

Our Mission

The FLES Program is founded on the firm belief that language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. Our mission is to provide quality, early foreign language instruction that builds children’s confidence and instills a lifelong enthusiasm for understanding diverse cultures.

Our History

The Foreign Language in Elementary Schools Program (FLES) began in 1975 in Montgomery County , Maryland, when foreign language instruction was eliminated from the county’s public elementary school curriculum. At that time many parents in the community agreed with education research that strongly affirms the benefits of early childhood exposure to foreign language. Hence, they formed a non-profit corporation with the support of the MCCPTA (Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations), called MCCPTA – Educational Programs, Inc. (MCCPTA-EPI) to provide foreign language classes in elementary schools before and after school.

Today, this program is known simply as FLES, and offers the highest quality instruction in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French to thousands of children throughout the region each year.