Our Program

Learn Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or French

Our program is designed with young language learners in mind! Young children have a natural ability for language acquisition, so now’s the time to start classes. We teach using an immersion approach, similar to the way children learn their first language.

Games, songs, role play, story–telling and hands–on activities make lessons interactive, lively and fun. Our teachers, who are native speakers, bring the FLES classroom to life as they introduce children to the traditions and customs of their own country.

Each lesson lays the foundation for the next and children gain confidence in listening and speaking. As they follow the sequential FLES curriculum each year, they progress to reading and writing.

FLES classes extend the school day with a unique opportunity for children to build confidence and develop an understanding of our multicultural world while having fun!

What We Offer

Kindergarten and 1st grade | Introductory Level

  • Rotating curriculum designed to allow children to participate for two years
  • 45 minutes of instruction before or after school
  • 20 classes, once a week, October – April

Let’s learn while having fun! Children learn Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or French through an interactive retelling of well known children’s folktales. Bright and cheerful visuals, flashcards and puppets spark the children’s imagination. Singing, role play, games, body movements and hands–on activities are part of each lesson.

From 2nd to 5th grade

  • Introductory Level not a prerequisite
  • One hour of instruction before or after school
  • 24 classes, once a week, October – June


Let’s start speaking Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or French! The emphasis is on conversation and children learn to communicate using short and simple sentences. In our Chinese classes tone recognition is key! Each lesson gives children the chance to act out dialogues, play games and sing. Opportunities for learning abound as teachers share their culture with the class! Children look forward to celebrating the end of the year with an authentic Spanish, French or Chinese breakfast. This level is designed for all 2nd –5th grade beginners.


Let’s learn to read and write! Children take pride in learning to read and write in their workbook. Chinese students begin with Pinyin and advance to Chinese characters. In each of the languages, children increase their ability to express themselves with expanding confidence! They share their likes and dislikes with each other and each lesson includes amusing dialogues and challenging games. This level is designed for children who have completed the Beginner level.


We’re ready to pack our suitcase and travel the world! With a little imagination and increased vocabulary children plan a trip to an important city, visit the supermarket, go shopping for a new outfit, go to a restaurant and act out visits to places in the community. The year culminates with a writing project and visit to a local Embassy, Ambassador’s Residence, cultural center or a cultural event. This level is designed for children who have completed both the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Children may participate at the Advanced level for two years. The second year incorporates more independent work and creative activities with a review of material already learned. The year culminates with a writing project and a visit to a local Embassy, Ambassador’s residence, cultural center or cultural event.

Made available to children based on class size. Classroom material is aligned with middle and high school foreign language curriculum.